Usually people switch off their electronics, wifi network when they leave the house

Most people are switching on their wifi hotspot only when they require the internet connection, the default setting on the mobile phone is to disable the wifi hotspot when the wifi connection is not being used for some time
The ISPs are only providing a limited GB of data daily, typically 1.5 GB and so people switch off their wifi when they do not require it, since hackers may rob their data and the user may not have sufficient data when required
The domain investor is using a dongle for connecting some devices, and she is closely observing the wifi networks which are switched on. During the day there are plenty of wifi networks available, at night most are switched off.
yet only the wifi network of telugu trisha remains switched on, indicating that it is being used for hacking.Now due to extensive renovation, there is no one in the house , yet the wifi network is still visible in the vicinity showing that it was installed mainly for hacking other people’s computers, smartphones and other gadgets