Even in Hubli Aenterp wifi network used for hacking, robbing data

usually most normal internet users will switch off their internet connection at night so that it cannot be hacked.
Yet indicating how ruthlessly powerful government officials, tech or internet companies are in stalking the domain investor wherever she goes, a wifi hacking network is used to monitor all her activities and rob her data.
Also in smaller cities, in the morning, there are usually no wifi network visible, only when the businesses open at 9 am or 10 am their wifi network becomes visible.
Yet showing the extent of hacking, data theft the domain investor faces, a wifi network Aenterp was detected in Hubli even at 7 am daily.
While the Trisha_2Ghz network was visible in the metro city, the Aenterp wifi hacking showed how closely the domain investor, is monitored, robbed, so that lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees can fake computer work, domain ownership and get great powers, monthly government salary