Trisha _2gHz wifi network has disappeared on 6/9/2023

One of the best kept secrets of the indian work at home fraud is how the masterminds are keeping the hacking equipment in the neighbors house and then falsely claiming that the lazy greedy young neighbor who does not spend any time and money is doing the computer work, to get her great powers and monthly government salary at the expense of the real online worker
After the goan bhandari call girl raw employee sunaina chodan, sindhi scammer brothers pune axe bank manager nikhil premchandani, karan now in new jersey, short slim architect, telugu trisha, full time accenture employee is the latest shameless greedy young fraud who is being extensively promoted by the fraud indian tech and internet companies as doing computer work, when cheater telugu trisha has never done any work
Indicating that a very well connected powerful group is supporting telugu trisha in her cybercrime, work at home fraud, Trisha _2gHz wifi network has disappeared on 6/9/2023 after being present all the time for the last one year at least, clearly showing that it was used for hacking and the domain investor was closely monitored to find out her travel plans.
After the domain investor was away from her home for a few days, confirming that telugu trisha was involved in the work at home fraud, multiple sources indicated that her relative was making a racket, since there was no computer work recorded for three days and full time accenture employee telugu trisha work at home fraud was exposed
Now that the domain investor has come back,Trisha _2gHz wifi network is now again visible

Cybercriminal accenture employee short slim architect telugu trisha using a sophisticated wifi network for monitoring activities on other computers

Indian tech and internet companies are the greatest ONLINE, FINANCIAL FRAUDSTERS criminally defaming, cheating, exploiting, robbing small online business owners and falsely giving credit, and monthly government salary to lazy greedy young frauds who do not do any kind of computer work at all at the expense of the real online worker, who is criminally defamed

After the great goa fraud of goan bhandari sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, pune sindhi scammer bank manager nikhil premchandani, his fraud brother karan who has now relocated to atlantic city, new jersey, united states, shameless greedy cheater young short slim architect telugu trisha, full time accenture employee is latest shameless greedy young fraud faking computer work, who is being aggressively promoted by the shameless LIAR cheater tech and internet companies.

These fraud companies have set up a sophisticated wifi network so that greedy cheater young short slim architect telugu trisha can closely monitor all the work which the single woman engineer does, so that cybercriminal accenture employee telugu trisha can fake computer work, to get great powers and may also be getting a monthly salary from intelligence agencies. The wifi network can block the wifi signal from any dongle in the area, blocking the internet connection and wasting the time of the internet user

It appears that cheater accenture employee telugu trisha is abusing her powers to mislead sbi cards from sending a valid redemption voucher.It is time that government stop falsely associately lazy greedy young frauds like cheater accenture employee telugu trisha with the domain investor , to stop the harassment of the domain investor

Wireless connection 35 used to cause losses to domain investor,modifying deleting data packet

cybercriminals wireless network connection 35 used for modifying data packets, failing clickspaid tasks
After cheating the domain investor for 13 years of at least Rs 15 lakh annually to get goan call girls, cheater housewives like panaji goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, goan bhandari CALL GIRL sunaina chodan, bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree, and other frauds monthly government salaries for faking computer work, domain ownership, paypal, bank account,the masterminds remain extremely aggressive in causing losses.
Now the internet connection is routed through wireless network connection 35, and the hacker is modifying data packets, to fail clickspaid tasks
For the first task, the website was not highlighted and in second task the counter reached one and then it did not reduce further, indicating the extent of the cybercrime used to cause losses

Wifi hotspot being cloned for FAKING computer work

Indicating the high levels of cybercrime, work at home fraud in india , the domain investor finds that her wifi hotspot is being cloned so that some lazy greedy young fraud can falsely take credit, get great powers, monthly government salary
The domain investor was using the network, Slavery, she noticed that the network automatically was named Slavery 2
So she changed the network name to Cheatertris, now she is finding that the network name when connected to the internet is changed to cheatertris 2 indicating that the wifi hotspot is being cloned for faking computer work at home, which housewives and other young frauds have been doing since 2010.
It appears that some well connected fraud, allegedly the associate of greedy gujju stock trader raw employee amita patel living in 706, wants to falsely take credit for the computer work done and has given his or her hotspot the same name as part of the massive government SLAVERY racket of the greedy shameless liar indian tech and internet companies.

Trisha wifi hotspot being used to block wifi connection hotspot on Redmi A1 smartphone

Trisha wifi hotspot being used to block wifi connection hotspot on Redmi A1 smartphone
The domain investor is finding it difficult to connect to the internet
The wifi hotspot is not visible though it is switched on the Redmi A1 smartphone
while this problem is noted intermittently on the desktop where a dongle is being used, the problem was also visible on an iphone
While usually the Trisha_2GHz network is visible on the desktop, on the iphone Trisha 5 Ghz was also visible
However, the hotspot of the domain investor was not visible on the iphone and desktop , though the redmi smartphone showed that the wifi hotspot was switched on
There are other connections at the location like
all these wifi hotspots are visible, only that of the domain investor are not visible, clearly indicating that the smartphone is hacked

Itel smartphone hacked to block wifi hotspot allegedly by the associates of young architect telugu trisha

Itel smartphone hacked, cannot unlock it
Indicating the risk involved in using smartphones, the itel smartphone which the domain investor uses cannot be unlocked
It is an intermittent problem, in the early morning it is not getting unlocked
Yet sometimes during the day, the smartphone can be unlocked swiping it
This clearly indicates that smartphones are not reliable, they are being controlled remotely
This is also an example of why smartphone based payment is risky
Now the domain investor has to purchase another smartphone, spending money, a business expense which government agencies refuse to acknowledge
A lot of time is also being wasted trying to fix the problem.
It appears that after the banking fraud of young fraud architect telugu trisha exposed, her associates hack Itel smartphone to cause losses to the domain investor, single woman engineer who legally owns the bank account, yet is criminally defamed by the local security, intelligence agencies to justify giving great powers to their favorite fraud architect banking fraudster short slim telugu trisha who does no computer work, yet falsely takes credit after ROBBING data

Goan bhandari raw employee sunaina chodan asked to remain at home, after national informatic centre exposed her work at home fraud using stolen data

Goan bhandari raw employee cheater sunaina chodan gifted a puppy and asked to stay at home after national informatics centre exposed her computer work fraud
Though raw/cbi, indian tech and internet companies make fake claims about computer work, domain ownership, it appears that Goan bhandari raw employee cheater sunaina chodan gifted a puppy and asked to stay at home after national informatics centre exposed her computer work fraud using stolen data
National information centre is keeping digital records of all court cases and court activities in india and these are available online. The lawyers are usually present in court from at least 10 am to 5 pm daily, and the real name of raw employee sunaina chodan is published in the national information centre’s records, for several years now, clearly showing that she is not interested in doing computer work at home.
Yet showing the extremely high levels of government cybercrime, financial fraud, the indian government agencies, raw/cbi appear to continue making fake claims so that she can get a monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor
So it appears that her photographer husband has gifted her a new puppy dog on mothers day and asked her to stay at home, since the national informatics centre’s records expose her work at home fraud. In the instagram photo, she is shown wearing a black and white nighty with her new puppy who she can take care of at home, since she does not do computer work.

Selling the data stolen wirelessly using brainwave reading is very lucrative for the robber

Though selling the data stolen wirelessly using brainwave reading is very lucrative for the robber government employee like anish acharya, j srinivasan, it causes great losses for the private citizen who is targetted for memory robbery by the greedy government employee getting a monthly salary, pension and bribes. The ROBBER government employees are extremely ruthless cheaters using the data stolen using brainwave reading to run a very lucrative government SLAVERY racket, after CRIMINALLY DEFAMINg the hardworking citizen who they have targetted for MEMORY ROBBERY without getting a court order
Though india officially claims that all citizens are equal, the stolen data is then used by the ROBBER government employees to falsely claim that their high status lazy greedy fraud associates like goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, siddhi mandrekar, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, who do not spend any time, do not have the computer or skills, to falsely claim that they are doing the computer work, own this and other domains and get a monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor who is making very less money despite working long hours, due to government SLAVERY
It appears that the MEMORY robber government employees like anish acharya, j srinivasan are getting a bribe or payment for the raw/cbi employees who are getting a monthly government salary only for FAKING computer work, domain ownership

Brain wave reading, memory erasure is used to cheat citizens while shopping

Citizens who are targetted for non-consensual brain wave reading are also targetted for memory erasure, cash theft while shopping
For example a single woman who is victim of government human rights abuses,was shopping and had paid the shop keeper Rs 500 for goods worth Rs 400
Then as part of the fraud of the greedy government employees hiding behind goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, a man suddenly and asked for surf pouch of Rs 10
The shopkeeper left all his work and gave the man the surf instead of completing the earlier transaction
Then afterwards the shop keeper denied that he had received Rs 500 and started demanding Rs 500 again
The single woman was forced to give Rs 500 again, since she would be accused of cheating if she did not pay, and a large number of people were collected in the shop
It was clear that the memory of the shop keeper was affected he first gave Rs 3 coins initially when he was supposed to give back Rs 100
Since the goods were worth Rs 400 only , it was easier to get the Rs 100 back, it was more difficult to check whether the shop keeper had received the Rs 500 note taken out from the purse initially

Brain wave reading was used by the greedy government employees to plan the Rs 500 note robbery, sending the person for purchasing the Rs 10 surf detergent just when the Rs 500 note was paid so that the shopkeeper intentionally forgot the previous Rs 500 he received
The citizens who are targetted for MEMORY ROBBERY without a court order by the greedy shameless well paid indian government employees are already making great losses, yet the CHEATER indian government employees are always looting them like the rs 500 note theft showed. It appears that part of the loot was shared with the government employee because a dark skinned person came after sometime to the shop

Goa 1989 jee topper, single woman engineer would have contested the indian government non-consensual BRAIN WAVE ROBBERY in court

At present in one of the most horrific human rights abuses, government CYBERCRIMES on any indian citizen, the indian government agencies are openly involved in non-consensual BRAIN WAVE ROBBERY on the goa 1989 jee topper, single woman engineer and domain investor since 2010 , after her btech 1993 ee classmates from iit bombay like puneet, j srinivasan, tushar parekh, vijay and 5 greedy cheater states goa, haryana, madhya pradesh, gujarat, karnataka are started making fake allegations of cheating, black money, security threat without any kind of of legally valid proof since 2010
Though crores of indian taxpayer money have been wasted on surveillance since 2010, the government agencies have not found any legally valid proof, yet they continue their MEMORY ROBBERY, stealing all the trade, business secrets, causing great financial losses.
In a clear case of discrimination the government does not have the honesty and humanity to get a court order for the MEMORY ROBBERY of a harmless private citizen which denies her the right to privacy, right to a fair living since the stolen data is used to cause financial losses

If the indian government had the honesty and humanity to send a legal notice to the domain investor, listing the reasons why government agencies are only ROBBING her data using brainwave reading technology, she would have definitely fought the matter in court, why the government is targetted her alone without any compensation, not other domain investors, or engineers have a btech degree