when government agencies steal the retirement savings of citizens without a court order, they cannot be expected to use apps, wireless technologies

India does not have a social security system, private citizens do not get any kind of assistance from the government in their old age.
yet government agencies are robbing the retirement savings of small online business owners without a court order or legally valid reason. This problem is unique to the indian internet sector alone, in other sectors business owners can keep their savings.

Additionally the government also falsely claims that the stolen savings of the online business owner, belongs to the inexperienced relatives and friends of top government employees. Yet the indian internet sector expects the business owners who savings they have robbed to continue using the latest wireless technology, apps like they did before.

They do not realize that the savings theft has destroyed the faith of the online business owner in technology, the business owner does not want to take the risk of losing all her money again only because she tried the latest app, while the app may be convenient, it is not worth losing a lifetimes savings just for using the apps and becoming penniless