Month: June 2023

Trisha wifi hotspot being used to block wifi connection hotspot on Redmi A1 smartphone

Trisha wifi hotspot being used to block wifi connection hotspot on Redmi A1 smartphone
The domain investor is finding it difficult to connect to the internet
The wifi hotspot is not visible though it is switched on the Redmi A1 smartphone
while this problem is noted intermittently on the desktop where a dongle is being used, the problem was also visible on an iphone
While usually the Trisha_2GHz network is visible on the desktop, on the iphone Trisha 5 Ghz was also visible
However, the hotspot of the domain investor was not visible on the iphone and desktop , though the redmi smartphone showed that the wifi hotspot was switched on
There are other connections at the location like
all these wifi hotspots are visible, only that of the domain investor are not visible, clearly indicating that the smartphone is hacked

Itel smartphone hacked to block wifi hotspot allegedly by the associates of young architect telugu trisha

Itel smartphone hacked, cannot unlock it
Indicating the risk involved in using smartphones, the itel smartphone which the domain investor uses cannot be unlocked
It is an intermittent problem, in the early morning it is not getting unlocked
Yet sometimes during the day, the smartphone can be unlocked swiping it
This clearly indicates that smartphones are not reliable, they are being controlled remotely
This is also an example of why smartphone based payment is risky
Now the domain investor has to purchase another smartphone, spending money, a business expense which government agencies refuse to acknowledge
A lot of time is also being wasted trying to fix the problem.
It appears that after the banking fraud of young fraud architect telugu trisha exposed, her associates hack Itel smartphone to cause losses to the domain investor, single woman engineer who legally owns the bank account, yet is criminally defamed by the local security, intelligence agencies to justify giving great powers to their favorite fraud architect banking fraudster short slim telugu trisha who does no computer work, yet falsely takes credit after ROBBING data