Brain wave reading, memory erasure is used to cheat citizens while shopping

Citizens who are targetted for non-consensual brain wave reading are also targetted for memory erasure, cash theft while shopping
For example a single woman who is victim of government human rights abuses,was shopping and had paid the shop keeper Rs 500 for goods worth Rs 400
Then as part of the fraud of the greedy government employees hiding behind goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, a man suddenly and asked for surf pouch of Rs 10
The shopkeeper left all his work and gave the man the surf instead of completing the earlier transaction
Then afterwards the shop keeper denied that he had received Rs 500 and started demanding Rs 500 again
The single woman was forced to give Rs 500 again, since she would be accused of cheating if she did not pay, and a large number of people were collected in the shop
It was clear that the memory of the shop keeper was affected he first gave Rs 3 coins initially when he was supposed to give back Rs 100
Since the goods were worth Rs 400 only , it was easier to get the Rs 100 back, it was more difficult to check whether the shop keeper had received the Rs 500 note taken out from the purse initially

Brain wave reading was used by the greedy government employees to plan the Rs 500 note robbery, sending the person for purchasing the Rs 10 surf detergent just when the Rs 500 note was paid so that the shopkeeper intentionally forgot the previous Rs 500 he received
The citizens who are targetted for MEMORY ROBBERY without a court order by the greedy shameless well paid indian government employees are already making great losses, yet the CHEATER indian government employees are always looting them like the rs 500 note theft showed. It appears that part of the loot was shared with the government employee because a dark skinned person came after sometime to the shop