Here’s 7 Secrets to Having the Wedding of Your Dreams!

SECRET #1: How To ensure that Your Wedding is Live To Your Dreams.

Your wedding day could be altered or destroyed by the wedding photographer you pick. The day of your wedding will be more than just pictures! Why? Because he’s with you and your family in person, interfacing with your entire guests and family members – and representing you every minute.

And, HONESTLY, we’re not just talking about wedding photography here – we’re discussing your wedding the way you feel at the time of your wedding day, and how smoothly and romantically everything runs. You see, your wedding photographer will determine this through the way he assists you to plan your wedding, how you are treated by him and your family members, and the way you interact with him throughout the entire day.

Amazing Secret Revealed : What other wedding photographers don’t Want You To Know!

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Here’s the trick to meet the photographer IN PERSON – before you hire any photographer to shoot your wedding! Many studios will hire photographers who are part-time to photograph their weddings. Some studios may choose to hire college students or family members and friends. That means you’ll go to a studio talk with a salesperson, take a look at their portfolios, and make a decision – without really being aware of who will be photographing your wedding! And if it’s not just an appropriate person who is doing the photography, and also interacting with all your family and guests, the whole event could be destroyed!

So, when you’re talking with a potential studio Ask them these questions:

1. Who was the photographer of these photos that you’re showing?

2. Who will be our wedding photographer if we hire you studio?

3. We would like to meet the person before we hire your studio.

Then, ask the person you are meeting these questions.

1. What dress will you wear for my wedding?

2. Did you snap all the wedding photos that we looked at in the sample books? Do you have proof of your work? If you did not.

3. How many years have you been shooting weddings? Are you using film or digital.

4. What date and time will you be present to celebrate my wedding? The agreement will state the date and time.

5. When you are leaving our wedding, who will you first contact to see if there’s something else we would like you to accomplish?

6. Do you use the list of photos you have taken? (You NEVER need a photographer with an itinerary for your wedding photography! He will spend his entire time looking at the checklist and not remembering all the romantic, spontaneous and memorable moments at your wedding! Find out if you truly appreciate him and his work. Because he’ll spend many hours with your family and other guests on the day of your wedding. A few additional details should be covered and incorporated into a an agreement in writing that the studio representative or the photographer’s actual signature along with the bride and groom.

Secret #3: A Notice! If you don’t keep this secret, a disaster could happen at your wedding.

This seems so obvious, yet brides overlook this every day and then pay a hefty PRICE for it after their wedding! It is important to ensure that the photographer has satisfied brides and groomsmen who have written him and expressed their gratitude to him about how pleased they were with them and their work! This is a review of testimonials! From real people. You can call them to verify their authenticity and ensure that they’re speaking the truth. (That’s an extremely difficult sentence to comprehend however, you’ll can see the message! Sorry!) Sorry!

SECRET #4: A Magical Method To Create A Fantastic Wedding.

One of the things that you really want to look for when choosing your wedding photographer is a photographer who is an emotional storyteller! An artistic photographer with images that reveal the EMOTIONAL STORY of your family, your friends as well as your wedding day. If you want photographs lasting for a lifetime, this is a must! This is why it’s so vital. A writer who is an EMOTIONAL Storyteller has a good chance of being compassionate about making sure that they don’t ruin your day. A true romantic will understand the importance of your wedding day and what you want it to be. True romantics will not interfere with the flow of emotion of your day!

It is also crucial that the photographer is able to anticipate the emotion reflections, emotions, and connections between the Bride and Groom and relatives and friends. Usually, the photographer who is more engaged in learning about the families coming to the wedding; know their names and speaks with the bride and groom about the importance of every aspect of the wedding from the getting ready photos, ceremony, and reception.

SECRET #5: The Real Truth about Wedding Photographers Offered. What They Wouldn’t Like Me To Tell You!

I’m not trying to criticize any other wedding photographers from the area. Many of them are my acquaintances, and I know a lot of them personally. However, it’s important that I alert you to a few problems that you otherwise would never have heard of.

Here’s the “biggie”.

Most wedding photographers will cram as many weddings into a day as they humanly can. That means they’ll hurry to your wedding in order in order to make it to the next one and then on to the next. A photographer like this is not going to capture emotions, emotions, ROMANCE , and LOVE between your spouse, you, and you, your family, and friends. He’s not going to have the sensitivity and enthusiasm and passion for what he does be able to capture those feelings. And he won’t have the time or energy. You’ll want the photographer to pay total attention to your event, to attend, to be discrete, but also like the previous paragraph to be aware of what’s important and how to cover it.

This is one of the least discussed aspects of choosing the wedding photographer. It’s now simple to purchase and use a digital camera thanks to the digital revolution. But, just because you own a digital camera, and are able to use it correctly, does not make you a professional photographer. Other than one has to be aware of what capturing the wedding is technically and a wedding photographer is the glue that holds it all together. The most crucial aspect of the job is being able to get along with others. A wedding photographer must be open and willing to accommodate the needs of each couple. It is vital! Be sure the photographer you select has an “team” approach to taking good care of you during your wedding day.


He won’t have to accomplish everything on his own in the process of capturing your special day. It requires a lot planning, care and effort to create a romantic, emotional show of your wedding. It is more work than one person could. We are an TEAM. Together, we will ensure that you will have a fantastic day and perfect photographs!

A BIG THING FOR BRIDES TO be The E.F.P. Magic Of E.F.P on Your Wedding Day!

The thing is, I don’t really look at the process as “wedding photography” instead I see it as ” Emotional Family Photography made on the day of your wedding!” It’s the entire emotion as well as the personalities and relationships of all your guests and family members, which are beautifully captured to you and your family to cherish for the rest of your lives. Do you really want this? Aren’t the People and the emotions in your life that are most important to you? The people and the emotions of your wedding and your life are so valuable to you. That is why it’s so crucial for the photographer to take pictures of the beautiful dresses and flowers and the rest of the aspects of your wedding, including the décor, as well as the entire atmosphere of the reception and ceremony. The wedding photographer you choose to “tell the story” of your wedding day and your families and friends. How can you be sure that You’ll be the Most Gorgeous Bride Your Friends or Family Members Have Ever seen!


You deserve an unforgettable wedding day in which you’re the most gorgeous bride that your friends or relatives have ever seen. This is the goal for every bride as she begins to visualize her wedding day. It’s your day! You’ll pick the ideal dress, headpiece, veil and shoes, as well as flowers and more. You will definitely have your hair and makeup done. However, it’s more than the fact that. Beauty also comes from how you feel on your wedding. Your feelings and how they reflect on your face.

This is something that a lot of my brides understand. When you employ an event photographer you’re paying them to do it. They’ll take anxiety and stress off your wedding. Your photographer cares about you and will help you in any way to ensure your wedding day is flawless. This is what brides are paying us to do. It’s obvious that you, your husband, and all of your guests (that wonderful word again!) are having a wonderful time. ) as well as your family and guests are having a great time, you’ll be more gorgeous than you ever imagined you could be. There will be no tension. Since you were so joyful and had a wonderful time, your photos will also be stunning.

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