A Step by Step Guide to Pet Friendly Real Estate

The unconditional affection that pets show their female owners seems to pay off. In a recent poll conducted by The Brooke, an English animal welfare organization, The Brooke, more than 1/3 of the women who were surveyed said that they loved their pet as much as their spouse.

This overwhelming show of love could not be a surprise, especially considering that our modern pets have become part of our human families. However, it is interesting to find out that one in 10 women confessed that pets were their favorite pet more than their spouse, and many of them didn’t be ashamed of it.

The study reveals one of the best qualities of a pet unconditional love. Women who participated in the study admitted that their love for their pet grew when their spouses showed less affection. They do not argue with women over children, money, or household chores, and their love is usually present.

Some respondents also said that if their boyfriend renaissance pet portraits did not like their pet, this could be a reason to end the relationship. Pets can be a point of contention in relationships far more than some people think particularly when someone is in an intimate relationship with their pet. They are so loved that they can trigger feelings of jealousy in a budding relationship, according to the matchmaking site,

They can also become an issue of contention as couples debate the details of pet treatment, how to handle the “rights” of the pet and the amount of money should be spent on it. Perhaps one of the most popular pet arguments is if it is allowed to sleep in the same bed with its human companions.

While sorting out these details may be a challenge however, the joy that an animal brings to a person’s relationship is often worth the sacrifice and the other person may begin to look at the pet with affection too.

Naturally, tensions could be reduced and may even create an enlightened relationship when the choice to adopt pets is a joint decision made by two spouses However, the technicalities of owning a pet could be challenging to figure out if the plan is not made before the pet comes home.

If you and your significant pet are thinking of adopting an animal, consider the following first:

  • You should make sure you’ve spoken about the financial and time commitments for the pet and that you’re both ready. Are you able to not just buy the pet but also give it the necessary vet appointments and requirements such as a pet collar or the cage?
  • Decide ahead of time who will be responsible for which pet responsibilities including early morning bathroom duty to vet visits.
  • Make sure you’re both comfortable with the type of pet you want to bring home. Dog breeds that are known as very difficult to train such as it might not be an ideal match for a couple where one couple has never had a training experience with the dog previously.
  • Set the boundaries beforehand. Discuss the training method you’ll both employ, where your pet will sleep, and how much control over the home the pet will be allowed to enjoy.

The Brooke survey shows that despite the sacrifices animals make, their relationships are true love, and, if properly handled, can make you and your love closer instead of being further from each other.

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